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It has become apparent to me over the course of years that one of the Things I Must Get Done Or Else I Will Never Forgive Myself is having my collection of poems published.

With the poetry not being in demand nowadays it may border on impossibility.

However, have you ever seen how thriving the poetry tag on Tumblr is? It’s not as much about quality but the quantity of people who are genuinely into poetry. And it will persevere, so long as people do not give up on their dreams. One can bump into true gems while browsing through Tumblr. Myself, I have had an account solely devoted to poetry over there, and it was extremely rewarding to find that people actually appreciated my input. It filled me with hope up to the brim. That was then when I decided upon giving it a try.

Inaction is not in order if you love doing something. I have a fair share of poems saved on my hard drive, all awaiting their glorious moment of seeing the light of day and they simply cannot be ignored. I won’t rely on literary magazines; most of the publishers won’t accept work from rookies, explaining that since there’s no demand they only stick to well-known poets. Which is bull.

I will self-publish. It’s the desire to share that ignites all the feelings within me, and share I will. If the Tumblr users were fond of my creations, there may, indubitably, be more readers who would do the same. Someone may smile or cry, or sigh, or wonder while reading a poem or two of mine, and that’s enough for me.


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